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Northridge Youth Athletic Association

Soccer General Information and FAQ's

Thank you for checking into the Northridge Youth Athletic Association Soccer program. 

NYAA soccer is for children in grades Pre-kindergarten through 6th grade, for both boys and girls. Teams are chosen after registration has been closed. Teams may be co-ed depending on how many children have sign up.  

Teams practice in Alexandria at Fritz Drumm Park.  Practices are typically held one to two times a week, decided by the coach. If you are interested in being a COACH please sign up or contact the soccer commission.

Games are once or twice a week (Sept-Oct and April-June). Home games are held at Fritz Drumm Park and most away games are played in New Albany on Bevelhymer rd, in Johnstown at either Belt Field on Mink/Jersey street, or Johnstown on Oregon Street, or in Galena with Big Walnut schools. 

Players will be required to provide their own shin guards and soccer cleats.  The league will provide jerseys and socks.  

Soccer ball sizes: 
Size 5 ball is for children 12 years and older. The diameter is 8 inch. 
Size 4 ball is for children 8-12 years old. The diameter is 7 1/4 inch. 
Size 3 ball is for children ages 7 and under. They are also great for toddlers and preschoolers. 

If you have questions regarding Soccer please contact:

Commissioner, Ashley Gilmore  [email protected]